I’m Antonia!

I am originally from Rome in Italy, where I grew up and my roots are. I live in London, UK, where I moved as a student and that I never left. London is also where I met my husband Ryan, the sous-chef for all my kitchen experiments!

My passion for food and cooking comes from my family.

My parents are originally from the south of Italy, the wonderful and vibrant Naples to be specific, where I spent my holidays growing up surrounded by many aunts, uncles and cousins…a lot of cousins! The majority of my childhood memories are linked to food, never-ending Sunday lunches, fish-based Christmas Eve dinners, waking up to the smell of ragu’ sauce at my grandparents house in the morning, making sausages with my grandfather, marking the start and end of the Summer holidays by making preserved tomatoes with the whole family and many many more.

In Rome, I used to spend my evenings in the kitchen with my mum, watching her cooking and chatting about our day. I loved that time spent together and I still video call her every evening while I cook dinner. The countless hours spent watching her making quick and delicious dinners came extremely useful when I moved to London and had to cook for myself. My night-time pasta amatriciana was quite popular in my student hall during my University years!

I also travelled a lot with my family and I was exposed to different cuisines from a very young age, this is something I still love doing and do a lot! I love travelling and I try to take lessons of local cuisine whenever I am on holiday. Anyone in my family knows that a cooking class is always a welcome present for me… well together with all sorts of kitchen gadgets!

My collection of recipes is a mishmash of my family memories, my time in London and my travels, it’s what I love making in my kitchen and sharing with my family.