Crostata di Marmellata

A Crostata di marmellata, aka a jam tart, is one of the cakes I grew up with. I remember rolling out dough with my mum on Saturday afternoon and making star shaper biscuits with leftover dough. Every italian child grew up eating crostata as their afternoon merenda (snack) or had it as dessert after Sunday lunch or covered in custard and fresh fruit for their birthday. It’s a cake that is loved by young and not-so-young and it’s still one of my favourite cakes to have every time I go back to Rome!

Although I had crostata countless times in my life, I never actually made it so I thought it was time I gave it a go!

I researched various recipes and finally settled for a mix that sounded right to me. I gathered all the ingredients, including a delicious Bonne Mamam cherry compote, and made the pasta frolla (tart dough) for my crostata. It’s a very easy process you can make it on your kitchen counter or in a bowl, you let it rest in the fridge, then roll it out, put it in a tart dish or tin and bake it.

The worst part it’s waiting for it to cool down once it’s out of the oven. But trust me the taste it’s worth the wait. It’s light and delicious and the cherry jam gives it a sour kick that makes it even tastier!

I love it with cherry jam, but it’s equally exquisite with other jams or a yummy chocolate spread like Nutella.

It is also worth pointing out that, although the classic dough asks for butter, it’s perfectly fine to use dairy free alternatives like dairy free butter. I used a Pure olive spread and it came out just right!


300gr Flour 00

2 Eggs

150gr Butter or dairy-free alternative

60gr Sugar

Grated peel of one lemon

A pinch of baking soda

400gr Jam


1. Put the flour on the counter or in a bowl. I usually use a bowl to minimise mess

2. Make a well in the center and add the cold butter, cut in small pieces, the eggs, the grated lemon peel and the pinch of baking soda

3. Mix all the ingredients with your fingers very quickly until you have a smooth dough

4. Shape it in a ball, wrap it with cling film and let it rest in the fridge for one hour

5. Take the dough out of the fridge and roll it out on a counter lightly dusted with flour.

6. Roll it out until the dough is about 3 or 4mm. Dust the rolling pin with some flour to help rolling out the dough

7. Using the rolling pin to roll out the dough on the tart dish. Remember to butter and dust the dish with butter and flour before rolling out the dough

8. Cut the excess dough from the edges of the tart dish and fill it with jam

I usually use the rolling pin to do this step, I simply roll it over the dish pressing down to cut out any excess

9. Roll out the excess dough and cut out in strips using a knife or pastry cutter

10. Place the strips on the crostata to form a lattice pattern. Seal the edges with a fork and brush with egg wash or some milk

11. Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 160C Fan for 40 minutes until nice and gold

12. Let it cool before serving it or at least try!!

This is a simple and delicious cake, perfect for an afternoon snack with a nice cup of tea

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